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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Now since I know that in many ways the creation of anything at all is almost always begun in one's own mind either as a picture or an idea or some desire to copy something else that has been observed either in the physical world around a person or in some magazine with pictures illustrating the desired object - so - it seems to follow from my thinking that the best way for me to procede is to formulate in my mind pretty much what I would like to see materialized in the physical world around me and then begin to take steps - almost unnoticeable in the beginning - towards building the empire or empires that I have imagined within.

One striking feature that I do see, however, before even really getting on too far with such a project (and this keeps cropping up continuously) is that if I set my sights on let's say purching a company that may be publicly traded at the moment, and I choose to make the fraction of this company that I am able to purchase at this moment the cornerstone of my Empire, chances are there is likely to be a change eventually either within that company or a change by that company into some other shape or form by either a purchase from an outside company or by the original company dividing up into a number of smaller companies (which will hoepfully grow over time) or a purchase by an investment group in which case cash is given in exchange for the shares that this investment group would be purchasing and at that point my cornerstone will be instantaneously tranformed into cold hard cash which I would then have to find some other cornerstone to buy in order to proceed with my building of my Empire.

There is also the possibility, however remote, that the company that I have purchased a piece of decides that it is no longer worth the time and effort to coninue on in the face of such adversities that it has met up with at a certain point, at which time it will simply fold-up and no longer continue to exist.

It is a funny thing about basing my Empire's cornerstone on such an entity that could conceivably cease to exist in such a way (unlike real estate which is based on a seemingly more tangible substance such as dirt and rock and trees etc, but from a more scientific point of view I am extremely aware of the perspective pervading our society at the present time that anyting tangible such as dirt and rocks and trees are merely illusions created by pure energy and so I will have to give some thought to this perspective before going on about going in one direction or the other -


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