The Empire Builder

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Primary Conclusion to OK

After a little bit of thought I realize that all of life is an illusion or at least all of life only lasts for a very short while -a job, for example that lasts for days, weeks or months will seem as if it is expanding to take up my entire life and that there is nothing else in the world that I am getting to do because this particular job is taking over "everything". I even imagine when so wrapped up in such a job that everyone else's job around me is also so connected to and overwhelmingly taking over other people's lives, and so it may seem to them as well.

If I leave that particular job and am no longer actively thinking about it at least for a few days and then I go on to something else, my entire world becomes absorbed in that "something else" and it begins to seem (from a certain perspective) that the prior job does not even exist anymore at all despite the fact that is very well may still exist for some other person and appear to be taking ver their lives at the current moment in time.

The same thing appears to happen when a person looks back over an entire lifetime to the point at which they are at, and everythig prior become distorted time wise so that an event that took place perhaps 50 or so years before feels or appears to have taken place just yesterday and while a person is focusing on that particular event - all else seems to almost have not existed at all.

So in light of this I am very condfident that while building my Empire (or any empire for that matter) on this or that cornerstone it is entirely irrelevant as to which cornerstone I begin with and as to what are the qualities of any of these potential cornerstones, and that the only important factor is that the building begins - From there all else will fall into place as if a painting on a canvas is being produced.


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